Fast EFT – How to Be Emotionally Free Faster

EFT (Emotional Freedom Therapy) is really a therapy which involves tapping on specific meridian points within the body. The purpose of it is about returning our current mind and body connection to a state of balance so you aren’t being overrun by negative emotions.
The mind is an extremely powerful device and was created to get over unpleasant experiences and patterns of thinking, however the mind also has the energy to ‘minimize’ our exposure to negative experiences recurring such as for example negative relationships, trauma or fear. The negative experience that was enforced could have been beneficial at the time it was created, however probably is not any longer beneficial today. A good example of this would be a relationship that ended unpleasantly. The mind may then associate any new relationship with the strong possibility that it will end in pain.
Eventually these emotional patterns can become automated to the point we are not actually aware of their existence. Our behaviors then become automated also it quite often takes an external influence to actually make us aware of them. There are lots of traditional approaches including medication from a doctor or counseling with a therapist. These all have merits, however lots of people do not gain much rest from the core roots of the problem. Medication for instance was created to dull the bodily experiences nevertheless the underlying cause is still operating. Therapy can be beneficial but this depends on the therapist and their expertise. They could bring the issues to your awareness but unless their specific approach is aligned with the method that you think and operate you might not gain much benefit.
How does EFT Work?
EFT is a gentle non-invasive method of directly bringing your body’s energy system into alignment. Energy can get stuck like debris blocking a river from flowing naturally. You don’t have to understand how it works as there are many differing views. Some think that by tapping on particular meridian points has a direct impact on the body’s energy system. Other people believe that it is simply a approach to distracting your brain from the emotions that arise.
How exactly to Perform Faster EFT
EFT involves tuning into the emotions or the feelings surrounding a concern and tapping on specific pressure points with the tips of your fingers. The difference between regular EFT and Faster EFT is that regular EFT involves lots of long-winded wording that relies on you putting words to your emotions which is difficult. For example in case a person from your past hurt you, you might still have anger towards them. Regular EFT could have you put your feelings into words. Faster EFT alternatively is much simply, much more efficient, and as I will show you later can also be done anywhere at anytime.
Faster EFT Practitioner
Not everybody should be able to fully change the negative pattern but doing this work can lead to a reduction of the severe nature allowing you to have the ability to consider other options. Simply by being conscious of the negative feeling and using very easy statements you can successfully focus on the problem from the core.

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