How To Use A Story To Sell More

If you would like your small business marketing piece to deliver more new customers through your doors, then you should read this short article because it contains arguably the most important element to a great sales message.

See for yourself.

Small Business Marketing Using a Powerful Story:

Ever hear the story of the dog and the elephant?

Here goes:

Deep in the woods of Tennessee sits a little town called Hohenwald which is home to the world’s largest elephant rescue called The Elephant Sanctuary. In fact, abused circus elephants from all over the world go to this 2700 acre compound to live out their lives. And back in 2003 a mangy mutt named Bella wandered onto this elephant camp and stirred up some controversy. 수원스웨디시

What did Bella the dog do?

She joined the pack of pachyderms.

No kidding.

What’s more, Bella became close friends with one of the elephants named Tarra.

Who’s Tarra?

She’s an 8,700 pound elephant that was brought to The Elephant Sanctuary in 1995 after she retired from the circus. And wouldn’t you know Tarra became best buddies with Bella.

Okay, great. This is all fine and dandy. But what does this have to do with sales and marketing? Well, don’t overlook the marketing lesson here which is the power of a good story to drive your marketing message. Make no mistake the story of Tarra and Bella has been featured on CBS News… The Today Show… USA Today… and many more. And as a result plenty of private donations have flooded into this not for profit compound.

Never forget:

Words tell but stories sell.

In fact if you want to double the results of any marketing campaign in your arsenal then toss in a captivating story (similar to Bella and Tarra) and watch your prospects read and respond like never before. There is something about a story that grabs your audience’s imagination and skillfully leads them down the path you want them to travel.

And then, once they are on your path you can slip in a valuable sales message that ties your story to your product or service.

This is what skilled salesmen do to close a big deal.

This is what master marketers do to get and keep attention.

This is what cunning copywriters do to keep someone reading their piece.

The power of a good story has been used for years, and you can learn a lot by paying close attention to the simple story of Bella and Tarra.

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