Search Engine Marketing For Small Businesses

Advertising through website is the most effective form of publicizing a product, since customers increasingly prefer online shopping. Hence there are chances that if your products feature in the first few pages of the search engine, the browser may end up placing an order for the product. Therefore, make your website dynamic. You can make them dynamic for the search engines to crawl into them in several ways. shopping search engine

Carefully Layout the Web-Design:
Ensure that your website has a homepage, category pages that are part of the main navigational elements, and product pages that can be linked to a shopping cart such as Yahoo! Store.

Make sure that the content on your home page reads well and contains strategic keywords that best define your site. Remember that when your homepage ranks for a specific keyword, the search engine normally uses the content on the homepage to describe your site on the result page. Hence, keep this content clean, readable with suitable fonts, and catchy.

Category and sub-category pages are necessary for search engine visibility. These pages classify your product offerings in a logical manner, making it easy for the consumers to locate their desired products.

You can also consider creating information pages. These content-rich pages contain deep links into the site and sit on the top of the static URLs. While creating these external pages, you need to, however, be careful of spamming. Creation of excessive static pages to trick search engines may result in banning of these domains and your site can be blacklisted for spamming. Since, nearly 85 percent of web users find sites through search engines, being blacklisted can cost you heavily.

Use Inclusion Programs Offered by Search Engines:
You can use software that enable automated extraction of database-driven URLs, relevant Meta data, and creation of XML feeds, which act as gateways for any search engine program. Several search engines such as AltaVista, Ask Jeeves/Teoma, Inktomi, LookSmart, and Lycos/FAST provide large companies the option to provide an XML feed of their database links for inclusion. The fee is based on a cost-per-click rate.

To get professional help for creating links on your site to meet the search engine’s minimum requirement, consider going through an inclusion partner such as Quigo, Position Tech, or Inceptor.

Put Your Content into a Shopping Engine:
There are several benefits your website can derive by being part of a shopping network. The shopping search engine is specialized in crawling into the data that other search engines cannot, making it easily accessible to the consumers.

Consider search engine marketing strategies, while redesigning your website. Pre-planning these strategies can boost your search engine visibility and save substantial time and money in the long-term.

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