Tube Inserts: Ensuring the Longevity of Your Tubes and Hoses

Tubes and pipes are commonly subject to certain types of damage and strain. Such damage may cause the ends of the tube to split and crack and this damage can run up the length of the tube or hose and destroy it completely. It may also hinder the free flow of liquid as the ends become weak and serrated.

The ends of the tube may wear out due to corrosion from the material that passes through it. Another problem that’s commonly noticed in tube ends is pitting due to the action of chemicals and sediment that pass through the tube. Tubes may also suffer groove damage due to the action of gases like ammonia. In some cases, due to constant exposure to heat, the ends of tubes or hoses can expand and become weaker or the joints between tubes can suffer stretching and become weakened.

A great solution is to have tube inserts at the ends of hoses and tubes. These are made of metal, hard plastic, reinforced compounds, nylon etc. and when they are fitted to the working ends of hoses and tubes, they provide a good preventive to extensive damage to the full length of the tube or pipe. Nylon tube inserts can withstand very high temperatures and are non-corrosive.PG cable gland The inserts can either project partly out of the tube, thus providing complete protection to the tube-end or they can be of a flared-top design which inserts completely inside the tube. Both these designs ensure that the tube-end becomes long-lasting.

Some inserts are made of high-grade metals such as titanium or zirconium which are highly corrosion resistant, or they could be made of aluminum or bronze alloys. These are used in heat-exchangers where the tube insert may need to be frequently replaced to avoid heat damage to the tube length.

Certain types of ceramics are also used as tube inserts in industries where liquids of very hot temperatures are prevalent in the manufacturing process or in heat exchangers. The advantage with using tube inserts is that with regular inspection and maintenance, you can prolong the life of your expensive tubing. Whenever the insert gets damaged or weakened, it can be replaced.

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