What Really Causes Skin Lines? The Truth Finally Revealed!

If you are like me, the years are passing and your face has become almost a road map of your life. Skin lines and wrinkles keep showing up as if over night, just announcing to the world how many years we have traveled the road of life. We all seek ways to fight this natural progression, and I have done my fair share in this battle against nature.

Many say stress is to blame for premature aging and skin lines. Lifeinlines The truth is that stress is a culprit but usually because when we are stressed we don’t get enough rest and we don’t eat right.

The real issue is that we are not sleeping enough and not drinking enough water or eating healthy foods. When we are stressed we neglect our bodies and this shows up on our faces. Our skin requires hydration and rest in order to rejuvenate itself. This is basic biology.

Add to these problems the natural course of aging and suddenly you have a face that looks much older than your years. As we get older our bodies produce less collagen. Collagen is required in order to keep our skin full and line free. We lose elasticity with age, but collagen can help in that regard as well.

If getting enough sleep and eating right added to drinking plenty of water doesn’t make as big a difference in your skin lines as you would like to see, you can always turn to creams.

There are plenty on the market that can enhance the production of collagen and improve your appearance. Just make sure to find skin line creams that have coenzyme Q10 in them. This is the ingredient that increases collagen in our bodies and gives you the best chance of repairing your skin. Also look for natural oils, but avoid mineral oil! Check the labels before you purchase, read the ingredients! We can fight nature and win, with the right combination of weapons!

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